Hyperbaric Pressure Chamber Treatments
for Your Healthiest Self

At New Leaf Hyperbarics, we offer safe, guided hyperbaric pressure chamber treatments. Hyperbaric therapy is a non-invasive way to saturate your body with oxygen, which leads to healthier cells, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation. Regardless of your age or health, hyperbarics will help your whole body from the inside out. At our Eugene facility, we provide various treatment packages and membership options so you can benefit the most from hyperbaric therapy.

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Benefits of Hyperbaric
Pressure Chamber Treatments

From increased circulation to reduced inflammation, hyperbaric therapy will heal and strengthen your body and mind. Hyperbaric therapy saturates your blood plasma, cells, tissues, and organs with oxygen. With more oxygen, your cells can heal faster, and your immune system can recharge.

Step into New Leaf for a state-of-the-art hyperbaric pressure chamber experience. Whether it's your first time trying hyperbaric therapy or your fiftieth, our technicians will work with you each step of the way.

Treatment Packages and Memberships

At New Leaf, your first hour of hyperbarics is just $65. We offer an assortment of treatment plans to help meet your budget including bulk packages and VIP memberships that up to four people can share. Packages can be shared and we offer a 10% discount on all bulk packages of three or more for military members, both active and veterans.
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Treatment Packages

VIP Memberships

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For every new client that you send in who pays the "first time $65 cost," we will match that price for your next visit...unlimited!

Make the Most of Hyperbaric Therapy with New Leaf

We encourage you to schedule multiple sessions close together or establish a regular treatment plan for the most significant and lasting effects. Additionally, if you're looking to step up your treatment, we offer the option to rent or purchase a pressure chamber.

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