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Holistic Medicine
for a Healthier Life

At New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness, we offer holistic medicine to fuel your body and recharge your mind. In our Eugene facility, we provide a range of therapies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared light therapy, massage, and nutritional supplements. To get started with our services, book an appointment online today.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
for Your Mind and Body

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a non-invasive therapy designed to infuse your body with oxygen. It is used as a holistic medicine to treat many conditions, ranging from Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis to ADHD and Autism. Come to our Eugene clinic for treatment sessions with state-of-the-art Summit to Sea hyperbaric chambers, led by our experienced technicians.

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infrared light therapy

Inside Energy with
Infrared Light Therapy

Activate the energy inside your cells with a dose of infrared light therapy (ILT). We utilize LS Pro Systems' specialized pads to heal and support your body through ILT. The infusion of red and infrared light helps produce ATP in the body's cells and to release nitric oxide. This means more oxygen and more energy for active recovery and optimized performance.

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Rebuild and Thrive
with a Healing Massage 

Visit our New Leaf clinic to relax and heal in a welcoming, comfortable environment with trained massage therapists. We offer various types of massages and affordable packages so you can establish a regular care routine.

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massage therapy

Nourish Your Body with Optimum Nutrition

Your well-being begins with excellent nutrition. At New Leaf, we offer Rain International's seed-based supplements to heal and thrive. Stop by New Leaf today and try out one of these energizing supplements to support gut health, joint flexibility, and mental clarity.

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Holistic Medicine
to Heal, Grow, and Thrive

If you're looking for holistic medicine to heal and flourish, you've come to the right place. For well-rounded nutrition and healing, stop by or book an appointment with New Leaf today.

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