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At New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness, we're deeply committed to fostering holistic health, emphasizing the crucial role of exceptional nutrition in overall well-being. In line with this commitment, we've partnered with Global Healing, a leader in natural wellness solutions known for their plant-based supplements that effectively combat fatigue and boost vitality. We also embrace the principles of Earth Harmony, integrating eco-conscious practices and sustainable health solutions into our offerings. Together, these partnerships enhance our array of services, providing you with a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Discover the combined benefits of natural supplements and Earth Harmony's sustainable health practices at our New Leaf clinic in Eugene.  Get more in depth information at and

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For more than 20 years, Global Healing has led the natural supplement industry with innovation, creativity, and an unmatched commitment to purity.

Their  products make your life better. Full of energetic radiance, nutrition, and love, Global Healing formulas bring nourishment to every cell in your body. They work with small farms that grow wildcrafted and organic herbs with love and care, searching the world for the highest quality and purest ingredients.

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Our Global Healing products


Vitamin D3

Organic Vitamin B12 Liquid

Brain Health

Lung Health

Ultimate Methylene Blue

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